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Scenario Icon Summer Fun
Created By: SMALLab Learning
In this activity, students will match the image of a summer activity or item to the word.

Scenario Icon Parts of Speech
Created By:, West Mifflin Area School District
This is just practice

Scenario Icon Subject Icon CVC Word to Image Matching
Created By: SMALLab Learning
Subject: English Language Arts
Grade: Kindergarten
This activity contains multiple games that challenge students to match common consonant-vowel-consonant, or CVC, words with their corresponding images. This set draws from 8 words: bed, cat, dog, hat, mad, map, net, and sad.

Scenario Icon classroom items
Created By: Tera Brickner, Trinity Area School District
match the word with the picture

Scenario Icon Subject Icon Summer Spelling
Created By: SMALLab Learning
Subject: English Language Arts
Grades: 1st Grade, 2nd Grade, 3rd Grade, Kindergarten
In this activity, students will look at the letters in mixed-up words and place the letters in the correct order to make words about summer. Example: hto= hot After students put the letters in order to form the summer-related word,...

What makes SMALLab so effective is that it is tied back to the curriculum. Students make the connections between the theoretical and the practical. Rebecca Bosco, STEM Teacher
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Scenario Image Adam Platenkamp updated an activity 1 week ago called People in Peloponnesian War

Scenario Image Dylan Ludlam updated an activity 1 week ago called Genotype vs. Phenotype

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When a learning technology like SMALLab can have this type of impact, amazing things start to happen. Ed Camic, Math Teacher
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