Privacy Policy

Our Commitment To Privacy and Data Security

At SMALLab, your right to privacy and data security is a primary concern.

Your connections to our platform are securely encrypted with SSL.

SMALLab will never make your e-mail address or phone number available to third parties.

What Data Do We Collect

The primary use of your data is to deliver and improve our products and services.

When you create a non-student account on our system, you must provide a username, password, and email address. Please see the Student Data section below for information about student accounts in our system.

You may also provide additional information to complete your profile on an opt-in basis only. This may include information about the grades and subjects that you teach. You can also upload a profile picture on an opt-in basis only.

The CreateStudio allows you to create activities and resources for use on our platforms. We store those activities and resources in our system and associate them with your account.

We offer a variety of tools to help educators deliver learning experiences for students. Educators can create class rosters, course syllabi, and other resources. We store these resources in our system and associate them with your account.

If you play games or take interactive quizzes in our system, we gather data about those interactions and associate it with your account.

To help us improve our platforms, we collect data about how you navigate our platforms which includes information about the activities and resources you view, how frequently you use our platforms, and how you search for resources.

Protecting Student Data

SMALLab is committed to protecting student privacy. Student accounts can only be created at the request of a teacher or school district administrator.

Student accounts are treated differently than general user accounts in the following ways:

  1. No personal information is required in order to create a student account. We only require a username and password to generate a student account. The username must be unique to our system, but it does not need to contain any personally identifiable information.
  2. Student accounts in our system will not receive any email communications.

SMALLab Only Uses Your Data For Specific Purposes

As noted above, the primary use of your data in our system is to deliver and improve our products and services.

We use the data collected from you in the following ways:

  1. We store the activities and resources that you create on our platforms so you can continue to access and manage them
  2. We generate personalized content recommendations based on your profile and use of our platforms. These recommendations may be emailed to you on an opt-in basis
  3. We present educational dashboard reports for teachers and educators
  4. If you choose to publish the activities and resources that you create, we will share these with the SMALLab community via our platforms
  5. We generate usage dashboards to improve our products and services. All data is reported anonymously in aggregate form
  6. We may send you updates about SMALLab content, distribute our monthly e-mail newsletter, or to send you targeted information. In every such e-mail, we will have instructions on how to unsubscribe and avoid receiving future e-mails from us. This only applies to non-student accounts in our system. Students will not receive any email communications

With Whom Does SMALLab Share Information?

As part of our commitment to your privacy, SMALLab does not share your information with any third parties.

We do not deliver any third party advertisements on our platform.

Deleting Your Data

If you wish to delete your account and associated data at any point, for any reason, you can contact us.

Contact SMALLab.

If you would like to contact us for any reason regarding our privacy practices, please contact us using this link.